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Basic Information
2023 OBA Ltd Conference Program: OBA Contributors: (4,163.2 Kb)
Board Documents > AGM documents
AGM 3rd Notice: OBA Ltd Contributors: 3rd Notice of AGM with links to proxy vote form, previous AGM minutes and meeting link (14.3 Kb)
AGM 2nd Notice and board nominations: OBA Ltd Contributors: 2nd Notice of AGM and Board nominations with directions to proxy vote form, previous AGM minutes and meeting link. Updated 9/8/23 and includes reference to Director ID requirement and EJS agenda item (17.2 Kb)
Auditor requirements for OBA: OBA Contributors: An explanation that OBA does not need an Auditor to be approved at the AGM, by Clive Salzer. (28.5 Kb)
AGM 1st Reminder email and Board nominations: OBA Directors: (16.5 Kb)
Board Documents > Conference documents
Conference Evaulation form 2023: OBA Contributors: (12.8 Kb)
Conference database eg.: OBA Contributors: A guide for collating attendees information (18.9 Kb)
Policies and Procedures
Policy for Overseas Instructors offering training in Australia: OBA Directors: The policy for Instructors and Advanced Instructors from international Ortho-Bionomy Associations to offer OBA endorsed training in Australia they must be a financial member of OBA. (201.5 Kb)
Instructor training Policy (3): OBA Contributors: Instructor Training Policy updated 1/6/23 (177.0 Kb)
OBA Ltd Self Care Policy: OBA Ltd: The policy guiding what levels of membership can teach various levels of Self-Care classes PDF version (282.3 Kb)