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2021 09 21 MJ - Free webinars - Email campaigns, event setup, Zoom links, Member registrations - 80 Minutes: Donna Lee: Donna Lee leads us through the multiple skills requires to set up, notify members and administer the Free Webinar Programs
2023 04 18 MJ - How to Upload Free Webinars - 6 5 minutes: Karen Sonter explains to Donna-Lee how to upload the Free Webinar Series into Documents on Member Jungle
2023 05 29 MJ How to access and download reports on Events like the Conference - 6 minutes: Clive Salzer: Clive explains how to access reports and download files in MJ Events, such as the OBA Conference ticket sales etc
2021 09 08 MJ - How to upload documents, write emails, email campaigns 80 minutes: Karen Sonter instructs the Board and Jane on various skills in Member Jungle
2022 11 24 Eileen Jeboult - Ortho-Bionomy Self-Care Practices - 30 minutes: OBA: Eileen Jeboult created an OB Self-Care video.
2022 10 14 MJ - How to upload documents - 13 minutes: OBA Ltd Contributors: Karen Sonter instructs Hugh Churchward how to upload documents to the website.
Policies and Procedures
Instructor training Policy (3): OBA Contributors: Instructor Training Policy updated 1/6/23 (177.0 Kb)
OBA Ltd Self Care Policy: OBA Ltd: The policy guiding what levels of membership can teach various levels of Self-Care classes PDF version (282.3 Kb)
Training Documents
Instructor Training Program Handbook: OBA Ltd Contributors: (522.5 Kb)
Instructor Training Program Handbook: OBA Ltd Contributors: (85.5 Kb)