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Self-Care Practices Class with Instructor Karen Sonter
Nov 04

Self-Care Practices Class with Instructor Karen Sonter

Start Date
04-Nov-2023 9:00 am
End Date
05-Nov-2023 5:30 pm
(UTC+09:30) Australia/Darwin

In this 2-day class we'll be learning and practicing the specific after treatment "exercises" that therapists can use to facilitate release of structural imbalances and discomfort within themselves, as well as providing clients with the most effective ways to integrate the changes experienced within the session, encouraging lasting change.

Through practice, participants will experience the benefits themselves.

Participants will also learn what self-care is most appropriate for a client, and how to demonstrate appropriate self-care practices to their clients.

The regular practice of Ortho-Bionomy self-care after a treatment provides the advantage for the body to more successfully integrate structural change. This makes change more enduring and permanent.

Phase 4/Fundamentals class is an advantage, but not a pre-requisite, for attending this class. All welcome.

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Event Type
2-day class
Event Location
Alice Springs NT
Contact Details
Jo Gordon

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