Membership Levels

There are several levels of membership in OBA, each with its own requirements. These requirements are shown in full elsewhere on this website.

  1. Affiliate - any interested person can join as an affiliate. This gives you access to the full site and enables the growth of Ortho-Bionomy in Australia.
  2. Associate Practitioner - This requires the completion of several courses and entitles you to be listed on the website and to use the term Ortho-Bionomy in your marketing.
  3. Practitioner - This requires the completion of the full Practitioner Training Program. 
  4. Advanced Practioner - This requires the completion of additional training and experience.
  5. Associate Instructor - This person is on the way to becoming a qualified Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy. They can teach sections of a course under the supervision of a qualified Instructor.
  6. Instructor - This person can provide Ortho-Bionomy instruction on their own and to have their courses listed on the website.